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Planet Finance’s independent research and scientific approach help you choose and invest into the best mutual funds with innovative strategies to help address your specific needs and goals.

Introducing our creative and back-tested solution for investments: Smart-SIP
Smart-SIP optimizes your monthly savings by managing and investing judiciously to maximise returns.

How does Smart-SIP work?

- Smart Entry

We take your savings to a pool of quality and well-diversified debt market and commodity funds. This enables your savings to generate stable returns over years and ready for next step.

- Asset Allocation Strategies

Well, no one knows where the economy and capital market moves in near-future. That’s where our scientific approach and extensive research comes in. Our experienced team works out the road ahead and implements optimal asset allocation at any given point of time, just suitable to you. We know how important it is to find just the right investment solution for you.

- Smart Exit

Why does someone save? I can think of some prominent motives: Emergencies, Retirement, Car, Foreign Vacation, Child living and education expenses, etc. When you plan your finance from our experienced financial planners, your planner knows what you need and when! And that’s why, our intelligent portfolio rebalancing strategies make way for leaving surplus in your hands just at the right time. And you know, it’s just not maximum return, but its maximum POST-TAX returns that we target and plan to achieve.

- Other advantages to our investors:
  • A uniform dashboard that displays details of your transactions, portfolio, Notifications and many more important details
  • The ability to make multiple purchases & SIP, switch, redemption transactions
  • Ease of access
  • Family Portfolio view

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